Yoga card deck – Animal Asanas for Kids

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Super popular yoga cards for kids are now available in English.

Animal Asanas give kids tools to calm down, slow down and also have bubbling fun both together and alone! Doing yoga together helps the parents interact with children and create a yoga practise for the whole family. Let the kids imagination lead the way!


  • 50 different cards with different animals from around the world.
  • Instructions for 10 game like ways to use the cards.
  • On the other side you will find written instructions for each yoga posture (asana).
  • Each card has a positive afformation that will support the body positive thinking, encourage to feel the magic of yoga in versatile ways, ease the mind and create a better posture and attitude to every day life.


  • Important skills of playing and imagination.
  • How to bring calmness to their minds.
  • Experiencing the magic of yoga through playing creates a healthy body image.
  • To verbalize their bodies and movement within.
  • Storytelling.
  • Get to know different animals.
  • Social skills.


  • Will increase the compassion towards themselves and other beings on the planet.
  • Brings healthy self-awareness and skills to understand own feelings grows on a yoga mat.
  • Gives the children skills to develop awareness of their inner and outer experiences.
  • Helps to find healthy, calming breathing and create better breathing patterns.

Cards are great for kids, families, elementary schools, kindergartens and a fun tool fo yoga teachers! Suitable for kids especially from 2 to 10 years. Designed in Finland by Yoga Teacher & Illustrator Meri Mort. Printed in Estonia.

I am mailing abroad also (via national Post)! If you wanna order outside of EU or bigger amount of decks, please email:

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