Korttipakka – Spellcasting – Oraakkelikortit

 28.50 (sis. ALV)

Lumoavan kaunis oraakkelipakka kaikille noituudesta kiinnostuneille. Kirjasessa on englanninkielisiä loitsuja ja kortin viestit on avattu mielenkiintoisesti. Yksi Merin lempipakoista!

This beautiful oracle invites you to connect with your inner witch and work with nature to magically manifest your desires. Spellcasting has been used by witches since the birth of magic and now that power lies in your hands. Each card of this deck connects you to the magical forces required for spellwork, to harness and manipulate the energies needed to bring about your desires. Discover how to work with moon phases, specific weekdays and candle magic, in conjunction with unwavering focus and intent, though invocation and incantations. Each spell offers empowerment and freedom, through the spellbinding act of transcendence, as you harness natural magic to positively enhance your life. Are you ready to work your magic?

Kirjailijat: Peters Flavia Kate & Meiklejohn-Free Barbara
Kuvittaja: Lisbeth Cheever-Gessaman
Kieli: Englanti

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