Dokumentti – Online – Vanda Scaravelli’s Yoga – Elizabeth’s Reflections

 9.99 (sis. ALV)

Vanda Scaravelli is a name familiar to thousands of practitioners who have been inspired by her book, Awakening the Spine, and by those she taught, now yoga teachers in their own right. They are the only ones who ever saw her doing yoga. Now, this unique video offers a rare opportunity to watch her for 22 minutes at the age of 77, practicing and demonstrating her positions as Elizabeth Lutz Pauncz films her. A commentary by Elizabeth, follows explaining the three cornerstones of Vanda’s practice: “breath” (at the Etruscan amphitheater at Fiesole), “wave” (at Elizabeth’s studio in Florence) and “gravity” (at Vanda’s garden in Fiesole). The video of Vanda demonstrating these was taken 34 years ago and is the only existent record of her practicing yoga. It is a marvel that others are still learning from her.

Kesto: n. 1h 10 min. Puhe ja tekstitys englanniksi. Oston jälkeen saat kuitissa linkin josta voit katsoa dokumentin onlinessa. Videon oston tuotto menee suoraan Elisabethille!


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